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Treaty Oak Bank

1515 W. 35th Street
Austin, TX, 78703
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Phone: (512) 302-9200
Website: www.treatyoakbank.com
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treaty oak bankTreaty Oak Bank exceeds even the highest expectations for what a bank should offer and how it should treat its customers. An unmatched level of customer service, innovative solutions to customers' business needs, early adoption of new technologies, and outstanding commitment to community all distinguish Treaty Oak Bank.

Established in 2004, our customers are primarily mid-sized businesses, the owners and leadership of those businesses, professionals, executives, and households of moderate to high income and wealth. The majority of our customers seek more from a bank than merely a place to deposit a check.

Treaty Oak Bank is known for innovative solutions to our business customers' needs. Many came to us after disappointing experiences with larger banks. They find Treaty Oak Bank receptive, innovative, and able to make things happen to help them succeed. Relationships are important here, and listening to our customers and understanding their needs is a top priority.

Treaty Oak Bank offers both high-tech and high-touch so customers can have the best of both worlds. Here, the phone is always answered by a person during business hours. Key management is on site, so loan decisions are made very quickly. We offer a remote scanning option that allows you to scan and deposit checks from your desktop. (When you do come to the bank, we hope you'll enjoy the chocolate chip cookies we have made fresh every day!)


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