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Austin Cops 4 Charities

5817 Wilcab Road
Austin, TX, 78721
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Phone: (512) 474-6993
Website: www.austincopsforcharities.com
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We support local charitable agencies and provide support to Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need. 




In 2006, the Austin Police Association Board of Directors voted to help create a not-for-profit organization called "Austin Cops for Charities" in order to help Austin Police Officers find ways to give back to the community we serve.


The Austin Police Association has long played an important role in fostering the social and economic well-being of the citizens we serve.


The organization's primary mission is to join Austin Police Officers together in a self governed, consolidated charitable effort to support local charitable agencies and provide aid and support to Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need.


 Areas of Funding:

Health & Welfare
Programs that support activities that enhance and improve the quality of life or provide a specific service for the citizens of Austin, Texas.


Programs and projects that enhance the learning process for children.

Transitional programs for young adults to become productive adults.


Youth Development
Mentoring and/or tutoring programs that help youth build self-esteem, positive values, expand opportunities and increase their potential.

Youth related organizations that focus on after school programs within the City of Austin that help keep children safe and provide structured activities.


Aid & Emergency Support
Support Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need.

Support organized fundraising efforts to help local law enforcement officers and/or staff members of the Austin Police Association and the Austin Police Department who are facing financial emergencies.



The Austin Cops for Charities is managed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the President of the Austin Police Association. There are a total of seven members of the Board of Trustees. Five are Austin Police Association members and two are declared honorary members from the community.



Areas of Funding

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