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German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas

Dripping Springs, TX, 78620
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Contact Email: gsdrescuectx@yahoo.com
Website: www.gsdrescuectx.com
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We do not do out of state adoptions. German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas headquarters is located in Dripping Springs, Texas. We cannot save all the dogs even in Central Texas; however, for each dog that is adopted, another can be saved, and if we can help someone resolve a problem and keep their dog we consider that a successful rescue.

Where do our dogs come from?

Our dogs come from all kinds of backgrounds. They end up in rescue for many reasons. Some dogs were loved by people who brought them into their lives and made them part of their family. Some come from people who have decided they no longer can care for the dog. They come from unwanted litters that happen because of lack of spaying and neutering. Some were lost or abandoned or neglected.

The fortunate ones are rescued who otherwise would have been killed in shelters simply because of lack of space. Many that would have died from disease, hunger and exposure in the open have found sanctuary with people who are dedicated to leading them to a new, more promising life.

How are dogs selected for German Shepherd Rescue?

Dogs are selected for our program based on our best judgement of their temperament and adoptability. We temperament test and check all the history we can to learn as much as possible about the dogs we select for our program. If a dog is found we make an attempt to located their guardian, but most of the time no one comes forwarded. We provide the vet work needed, vaccinations, spay/neuter worming and treat what conditions we find. The dogs live in our homes and are treated like our own dogs (which they are) until they find a home that fits.

Adoption Process & Information 


Adoption Application:http://www.gsdrescuectx.com/adoption-application.html


Fill out the Adoption Application: You MUST Complete an application before meeting any of our dogs. The German Shepherd Breed is not for everyone.  This is lifetime commitment, if you cannot make such a commitment at this time, do not fill out an application.  If you have not heard from us in 48 hours, email us to confirm we received your application.  It may take up to a week to fully process your application. 

Allow us to conduct a Home Check: If you live in an area where we do not have volunteers, it may take longer.  Please be patient. 

Receive approval from the board 

Meet the dogs: You MUST bring ALL members of the family, including your own dogs.   Our dogs live with foster parents, most of whom work regular jobs and are located in Austin and surrounding areas. 

Pay the Adoption Donation of $250.00 

Sign the Adoption Contact

Adoption Criteria

Understand the dog you adopt will be a member of your family and an indoor pet

Be an adult with the responsibility for maintaining a household, provide ID verifying address

Not be adopting on as a gift or on behalf of someone else

Provide necessary vet care and training if any issues arise

Have a suitable fenced yard prior to brining the dog home - we will only do one home check so please be ready

Complete the adoption process

Allow a 30 day adjustment period & advise us immediately if any problems arise after the adoption.
Most importantly, be willing to work on them; they have been through a lot and are rescue dogs, not perfect  dogs. 

Provide our group with updates and photos when requested


If you’re interested in participating in our VOLUNTEER DAY, please email us or fill out our Volunteer Application




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