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Austin Performance Volleyball

Austin, TX, 78736
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Phone: (512) 825-8308
Website: www.austinperformancevolleyball.com
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The true value of team sports is the maturity of character taught and learned through teamwork, self-sacrifice and commitment. The embodiment of these values ultimately adds to the quality of life by creating strong, self-reliant and dedicated individuals. 

Austin Performance Volleyball (APV) intends to use this game and our commitment to develop athletes to help individuals discover their full potential. 

Every decision APV makes will be with that mission in mind.




Committed coaches using coordinated techniques will teach age appropriate skills. Coaches will participate in mandatory clinics to coordinate their approach to coaching. This interconnected method will benefit players by creating a strong foundation and building upon it with a cohesive process.

Club unity builds when the skills and talents of athletes, their families and the club unite toward one goal. The mission of APV, as stated, is to create strong, confident individuals by developing successful athletes. 

Respect is the essential element at the core of any organization. APV commits to respecting the needs and goals of the athlete and her family. We commit to establishing high standards and the relentless pursuit of those standards in all age groups and at all levels. The athlete and her family demonstrate their respect of that commitment by being positive role models of those standards. 

Thoughtful, open and honest communication is a necessary component in the development of a successful organization. One objective of APV is to create a forum for discussion on various topics such as leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills and goal setting. Our aim in this is to foster, as a collective unit (club, parents and athletes) positive goals and work together to put them into practice at home and on the court. 






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