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Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association

Dripping Springs, TX, 78620
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Contact Email: community_relations@dsysa.org
Website: www.dsysa.org/
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The mission of the Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association is to provide the opportunity for all who wish, to participate in youth sports within Dripping Springs city limits, its extraterritoriality jurisdictions and Dripping Springs Independent School District. DSYSA shall teach good sportsmanship, educate youth participants and adult sponsors and volunteers in the fundamentals of youth sports provided by DSYSA, promote youth sports through the sponsorship of regularly scheduled competitions, and conduct such other educational activities as shall be deemed appropriate for the promotion of youth sports.



 DSYSA Sports




This is Your Chance to Serve a Vital Role in the Continued Success of DSYSA. We Have the Following UMBRELLA BOARD POSITIONS OPEN:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Underwriting & Community Relations.  Nominations are still being accepted!  See any board member for details, or contact: community_relations@dsysa.org to apply TODAY!  

The program only gets better if we volunteer!




 Contact Information


Chris Walling Acting President president@dsysa.org
Chris Walling Vice President vicepresident@dsysa.org
Nichol Lee Secretary secretary@dsysa.org
Matt Malcolm Treasurer treasurer@dsysa.org
Michael Lux Community Relations Director community_relations@dsysa.org
Veronica Lengner Underwriting Director fundraising@dsysa.org
OPEN POSITION Facilities Director facilities@dsysa.org
Baseball Primary Contact baseball@dsysa.org
Select Baseball Primary Contact selectbaseball@dsysa.org
Softball Primary Contact softball@dsysa.org
Basketball Primary Contact basketball@dsysa.org
Cheer Primary Contact cheer@dsysa.org
Football Primary Contact football@dsysa.org
Lacrosse Primary Contact lacrosse@dsysa.org
Soccer Primary Contact soccer@dsysa.org
Volleyball Primary Contact volleyball@dsysa.org
Wrestling Primary Contact wrestling@dsysa.org









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