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Basketball-Beyond Elite Athletic Skills Training-B.E.A.S.T. Hoops

1214 Pfenning Lane
Pflugerville, TX,
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Phone: (512) 897-2423
Contact Email: beasthoopsacademy@gmail.com
Website: www.brandonjthomas.com
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    that helps kids overcome equipment & financial barriers in sports." 

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Beast Hoops is an authentic program devoted to developing student athletes on and off the court.

There is no other organization that measures up when it comes to the desire to develop elite student athletes. Creating an environment structured to give every player the tools needed to be successful not only in sports, but in life as well and working towards greatness, never settling for anything less- that is the BEAST mission. 

Through a variety of drills and exercises athletes will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone. No matter the position, each player is trained to learn and master the fundamentals: dribbling, shooting, and passing which allows players the opportunity to become versatile.

Drills are set up to increase basketball IQ taking our athletes to the next level mentally. Every drill requires 100% effort building a great work ethic for athletes. 

We create a fun and competitive workout environment for our athletes!!

Join the family and train like a B.E.A.S.T 





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 1x1 Training (75 min.)


A program tailored to your individual needs. Hands on training that will challenge you every step of the way! A great way to get position specific training!


Partner Training (75 min.)

You and a teammate are put through a session where competition is the focal point. There is no better way to create that competitive edge needed to take your game to the elite level.


Group Training (90 min.)

3-8 Players - Competition and teamwork is the name of the game. Learn how to integrate your individual game into the ultimate team sport. Packed with drills that focus on game-time scenarios. 



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