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Texas Firewalkers

123 Wyers Place
Cedar Creek, TX, 78612
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Phone: (512) 677-4839
Contact Email: info@TexasFirewalkers.org
Website: www.texasfirewalkers.org/
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Texas Firewalkers is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that is works to aid fire victims in their time of need. Texas Firewalkers was created to fill the gap between the time immediately after a traumatic event occurs, such as a fire or an act of Mother Nature, and the time other assistance arrives. 

Texas Firewalkers founder is Blake “PeeWee” Henson. Blake is a career firefighter/EMT-B and created Texas Firewalkers in 2008 as a safety net for Texas families affected by residential fires. Almost 10 years ago, Blake was personally affected after  a residential fire. Although he was grateful to be alive, having basic necessities such as shelter, food, and toiletries available to him would have made the days following his loss easier to bare.

Unfortunately, disaster's cannot be prevented from occurring, however, as a non-profit organization and together with your help, we can relieve some of the initial emotional and physical trauma inflicted upon our community's fire victims right here in the state we call home. Since 2009 our volunteers have spent countless hours planning and implementing events to raise funds so that we may continue touching lives. Imagine your company or family's name proudly displayed throughout the venue of one of the many events that the Texas Firewalkers host. We ask that you please take a moment and consider becoming a sponsor at any of our upcoming events, so that the Texas Firewalkers can continue to provide a safe-haven for Texas families in need. We are here to reach out all over Central Texas as requested. Please call 512-844-8324 to initiate the process for sponsorship, grant or our repsonse.

** Assistance can be requested by any Incident Commander on the scene of the incident and up to 12 hours after the incident has closed.

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