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Hitmaker Brewing Taproom

11160 Circle Drive
Austin, TX,
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Phone: (512) 465-2333
Contact Email: info@hitmakerbrewing.com
Website: www.hitmakerbrewing.com
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Welcome to Hitmaker Brewing, your new favorite brewery.


This brewery is the brainchild of long-time associates and friends who have mastered a niche: they conceive and run some of Austin’s best neighborhood gathering spaces. The co-owners started six of your favorite neighborhood bars/restaurants – MugShots, The Hideout Pub, Bender Bar and Grill, Pour House Pub, Violet Crown Social Club and Pour House Pints and Pies and now your new favorite brewery, Hitmaker Brewing. 


The four guys that bring you this new experience all have more than 25 years in the bar/restaurant industry. Their familiarity with working behind the bar is reflected in their craft beers from the taste to the packaging. Passionately unpretentious, the founders have an appreciation for the transformative nature of brewing that combines the art and science of brewing. The result is simply great beer that brings people together because everyone could stand to have a little more joy in their life.








Brian started in the restaurant industry when he was in high school, washing dishes for a local restaurant in his hometown Paragould, Arkansas. When he left for college he got a job as a bartender in Fayetteville. After his first year of college he went home to work a summer job at a local bar and never went back. In his twenties, he traveled around the South opening night clubs. When he moved to Austin he continued to work in the bar/restaurant industry, where eventually he met Marcos Canchola. Since then they have opened six places together, starting with Mugshots 15 years ago.

“We want to make great beer for people who enjoy beer. And we want to bring the neighborhood feel of our bars and restaurants to a brewery.” -Brian



Marcos grew up around a bar. His grandparents had a huge house in El Paso with a bar in the basement. His cousin’s and Marcos would pretend to be bartenders for fun. Then when he was a senior in high school he would rent out bars in Juarez, Mexico and throw parties with

friends. His first job as a bartender was right before he turned 21 at Catfish Station on 6th street where he eventually became the general manager. He then decided to continue his education in accounting and took a job as a bartender at Houston’s Restaurant in Austin, where he met Brian. A couple years later after taking the job at Houston’s, Marcos opened Barfly’s with a friend. He then opened MugShots with Brian 15 years ago. Since then he has opened five other places with Brian.

“I like to joke my Bachelor’s degree was obtained at Catfish Station, my Master’s was at Houston’s Restaurant and now I’m working on my PhD at Hitmaker Brewing.” -Marcos



Chris met Brian shortly before they worked together at Bob Popular in Austin, in the late 90s. Many years later he came to work with Brian and Marcos, working at some of their locations before becoming the general manager at the Violet Crown Social Club. He has always been a huge beer fan and does the majority of the market research. He helps with the tasting and pointing the beer in the direction of flavor. At any given moment he has a fridge full of beer at home.

“I do not want to be that fancy of a place. I want people to come in and hang out after work, have a couple of pints here and pick up a 6-pack for home.” -Chris



Joe Holifield Joe grew up on a farm in the middle of Indiana and moved to Austin on a whim while visiting on a two-day motorcycle trip. He fell in love with the city and decided to stay. After working many of Austin’s popular spots, he came to work with Brian and Marcos at MugShots. He started home brewing about 10 years ago when he had a conversation with a regular at the bar about beer making. He just kept making more and more beer until now where he makes 1,000 gallons per batch. He expanded his brewing knowledge by attending the Siebel Institute in Chicago and continues to polish his craft beer making skills on a daily basis. Joe is the creative force behind all the recipes and manages the entire brewing process. “If I can make a beer that someone wants to sit down with their friends at a bar and drink three pints, that’s a good beer.” -Joe






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